Government shuts down NADSME

The government took a strong stance today regarding the National Agency for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (NADSME), ordering economy minister Juraj Miskov to shut down its operation.

“The shut-down can be executed simply … just one letter from the economy minister is sufficient and the agency will cease to exist from that moment on” announced Prime Minister Iveta Radicova following the government session today.

The government has requested Miskov to recall all ministry representatives in the management and administrative boards of NADSME, and to replace all members of the agency’s bodies, section directors and all members of the bodies of its affiliated organisation Fond Fondov.

Miskov will report to the government about progress made, including briefings about pending inspections and criminal investigations, while the projects of the organisation will be passed on to other institutions.

Radicova announced that the government’s courageous step was made because of the suspected embezzlement of EUR 4.5 million at the agency between 2006-2009, and also because it is the Ministry of Economy that bears full responsibility for these institutions.

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