Government Tightens Land-Buying Legislation for Foreigners

The government is trying to push through legislation that would put more restrictions on foreigners and foreign companies wanting to buy land in Slovakia, as it is worried that all the agricultural land will be bought up by speculative foreigners.

The government-proposed amendment, which would take effect from 1 June thanks to a speedy process, will mean that anyone wishing to buy land will have to have had permanent residence here for ten years or at least been operating a business for that long.

Slovakia’s extended deadline to apply the EU-wide rules concerning land purchases runs out on 1 May, with the government apparently trying to avert a potential stampede of land-grabbers. Those with experience in farming will have preferential right of purchase, as will farmers from the locality.


  1. Door Mat ….just get over it …….you will never be one of the slowvak superior beings . Rules and laws don`t exist for Slowvaks …didn`t bobby show you ?

  2. Never heard of agricultural leasehold here then?

    1. Is that when I am an owner of orna poda and the mafia uses my land for free, refuse to follow any contract and I can’t kick their axxes off?

  3. Another stupid law. Never ends…

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