Government Tries To Lure US Steel to Stay

In light of the planned departure of steel giant US Steel from its plant in Kosice, the government could try to lure the Americans into staying with more stimuli.

US Steel Kosice to change hands

Economy minister Tomas Malatinsky admitted to daily Hospodarske Noviny that motivating the company with stimuli was an option, with the idea being to offer them a kind of compromise, with the actual form of stimuli still undecided.

There are fears that the new investor, potentially Ukrainian company Metinvest, might not maintain employment levels, with the plant and its contractors keeping around 7,000 people in work at present. Malatinsky noted that even the new investor could also be offered stimuli, if necessary in order to maintain jobs.


  1. A bit of generally unreported background to this tale. The USS plant in Kosice needs “many hundreds of millions” in new infrastructure ( power plants) to meet EU emission caps. BnM is to go cap in hand to the EU and seek an exemption which just may upset all the other EU steel plants who have coughed up the cash and made the improvements.

  2. MORE, more stimuli?

    Are there no real jobs, other than bribe jobs in Slowvakia ?

  3. Ouuu this will help Fico in future elections to his early grave finally!!!! One of many companies ready to leave…..

    Its only a matter of time!! Fico will be out on his ass….

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