Government Ups Offer for Teachers to 7.5%

The two day warning strike by teachers last week, which fizzled out only to reignite as some schools went back on strike on Monday, has finally produced a halfway compromise with the government upping its original offer of a 5% hike in wages to 7.5%.

Teachers hoping for more (c) The Daily.SK

Although it is not the 10% demanded by teachers, they would be hard stretched to demand more and so will hold an extraordinary assembly to decide whether or not to accept the final offer, which will up their monthly income by an average of around EUR 40. The plan is to increase salaries by 5% and get another 2.5% from the money sent to local authorities that is now used for other expenses.




  1. Juraj,
    Don’t worry too much Juraj you can buy another VW wheel on your return to work in Slovakia. Given the extraordinary salaries on offer at the moment, it might be all you can afford pal. Sadly the world is not a perfect place and there are black crows everywhere, the secret is not to let them shite on you.

    1. Smug, this brings a whole new meaning to the line `the wheel fell off`

      …perhaps it didm and Jurki just did not notice the car listing to port ???

    2. Eehm, considering constantly rising price of living here in UK, car insurance,energies, property prices and rents, etc.. even those ”extraordinary ” salaries are nothing to shout about for most of the UK population…and UK’s debts per head is on of the ‘biggest in the world’ . Britain is in debt on a grand scale and it’s increasing every day, and so people are nothing more than debt junkies.

  2. As JB appears busy on other `the daily` dot cz, dot hu and many others.

    Some great news is happening for Slowvaks that just cannot go unreported .

    The government whilst it has offered schools money from the state budget, that should be distributed in such a way, as to ensure it is allocated to teachers salaries and not transferred to cover school administration costs,….. but it is not clear that the proposed approach will work?…well Huh ???

    In the latest issue of the global chart of corruption perception from 2012, conducted by Transparency International, Slovakia placed 62 out of the 176 countries evaluated.This means that Slovakia was ranked as the fifth most corrupt country among the European Union member states.

    Slovakia’s Fico parliament, has approved a bill which will change tax rates for individuals and companies, and which will in the process end the country’s once-celebrated flat-tax system.

    Slovak state-run railway carrier Cargo has confirmed it will dismiss about 600 of its sad. lazy employees between now and the end of next year. Spokesperson Monika Schmidtová cited an “optimisation” process was happening .

    Just great to live here eh ?

    1. I am glad you took task of a self-professed reporter Georgina. I am sure you looked forward to announce something which undoubtedly ”warm up” your heart.

      If this also make you happy, I can announce you that one of my wheels of my one year old VW car, got stolen outside of the hotel near Heathrow Airport last night in your faultless Britain. Believe it or not.

      Just great to live here eh ?

      1. Gosh another Georgina original.

        Are you Dimbo Logheads twin sister then ??

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        1. Why just one wheel Georgina? You tell me , you know everything! Maybe they have been disturbed? Maybe someone needed the same wheel after crash damage?
          …ooh, maybe just for same reason why many cyclist in London take their bicycle SEATS to their offices as otherwise they will go missing??
          And no :), the VW is 13 months old ..

      2. Juraj
        One wheel stolen? Are you sure that is wasn’t removed by someone because you had parked with the same regard drivers here park – blocking someone in, obstructing a door or just ignoring a No Parking sign? Also if you go to Halfords or Tesco you can buy lockable wheel nuts as recommended by most UK insurance campanies. Hardly the crime of the century but its given you something else to complain about – here in Neverneverland they steal all four wheels or just fire the car.
        In another post you complain about rising prices, the cost of living and the level of personal debt in the UK – you can always come home and hand your hard earned cash to the corrupt and incompetent here, pay your flat rate income tax and enjoy the rising prices current govt policies have created.

        1. Wheel removed because of bad parking? Is that what they do in your homeland, or you just smoked something you can’t handle ?

          1. Grandpa Craphold should definitely NOT smoke in his car. One microsleep episode and the car is on fire. That’s probably what happened the last time. After that his wife probably had to remove the burned wheels.
            Here we go, mistery solved!

            I have never had car wheels stolen is SVK, neither I know anybody or heard of anybody who had his car wheels stolen.
            I had a car radio stolen once. Then I bought a one with removable front panel. This is what I call a minor crime episode!!

          2. It is Okay losgar,
            Dave says :
            ”go to Halfords or Tesco you can buy lockable wheel nuts”

            Problem solved, Thanks Dave! Shouldn’t I weld the wheels to the axles instead- that could be the way forward!

          3. Me and my colleague had also Sat-nav’s stolen from company cars – side windows smashed..( £195 to replace + £130 new sat-nav)
            I wonder what will be Grandpa’s advise – buy bulletproof windows for the car from Tesco or Halford?

  3. Thats what I like to see – a spineless government giving in to demands and opening the door for every other group of non jobs to make equally rediculous pay claims. 5% from the govt the other 2.5% from the local authority funds – so the teachers stay well paid and shielded from the realities of life and either the councils don’t spend the 2.5% on books, new desks, computers or repairing the roads, on the other hand they could just up local taxes to cover the extra expense and all of us, with and without school age kids, pay to keep Prof. Smith in the style he is accustomed too. I don’t know about other authorities but our local clowns are staring into a huge mire of financial shortages and over spends – they faced the same problem last year and closed some schools and made teachers redundant, so while the teachers may be celebrating a victory I thinks some of them will not be so happy come the year end.
    On a more specific note – I found the “engineered” involvement of some students in this industrial dispute a clear indication of the total lack of integrity within the teachers ranks.

    1. Dave, Dave , Dave ….the school Heads will just ask the parents to `help` pay for all the missing cash on books, new desks, computers etc . As for making teachers redundant, and celebrating a victory, I also thinks some of them will not be so happy come next year ….First Language English speaking teachers will be first out of course, in fair minded Slowvakia .

  4. Back to the topic after sick slick hick Georgina hit his head with a brick, pick and stick…

    The government achieved what it wanted – still looks tough, it’s minister of finance still talks about 5%. And at the same time it’s minister of education talks about 7,5% so there is no reason to strike anymore and the teachers can open a champagne bottle.
    Looks like everybody won. Isn’t it wonderful?

  5. Going back to Topic after Loghead unneeded vulgarity, I just wonder what Jimbo thought of the new 7.5% offer that has been put on the teachers table ?

    1. Georgina talks about unneeded vulgarity! LOL
      Someone is missing self-reflection here 😀

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  7. Point taken George. May the banter stay with you.

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    1. Yes, perhaps you a correct Smug?. After all I have a portfolio of 8 rented homes across the EU, a small Hotel, four businesses in Slovakia, Austria and the UK and a comfortable personal bank account full of cash and investment deposits. Even better I have a lady partner, that is just over half my age and that goes like a train .

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