Government Wants Communist Museum; Lest We Forget

Last week Prime Minister Iveta Radicova announced the government’s plans to establish a Museum on Communism, after agreeing on the proposal with culture minister Daniel Krajcer.

Culture minister Daniel Krajcer (c) The Daily

The hope is to have the plan for the museum ready by the end of August, with minister Krajcer pinpointing the old Hurbanove army barracks in Bratislava as a possible venue for the museum.

Krajcer proposed that the premises could also house a Design Museum and be used for other cultural activities.



  1. Ouch JB ! …….Even I did not think of that one 🙂

    BTW. does anyone know he thought up the bonkers idea ( can you imagine this sad nationalistic happening occuring in any normal country ?) ie. a founding stone of a memorial in a Bratislava park, to commemorate Slovaks who left their homeland at various times and for various reasons….it is not like they left in some heroic act ….either they selfishly left to grab a better life and others expense or just moved house as I did .

  2. How we paid for the liquidation of 50,000 Jews in the Nazi gas chambers , might be a day Slovaks would like to celebrate ???

  3. Total waste of taxpayers money being spent on a daft hobby horse, that should be long forgotten and closed as as bad history. ( as should the Memory Institute).Sell the barracks to Developer and use the current American Embassy, which has been promising for 10 years to move house . Time we shifted that huge eyesore, with guard house and wire fence, that is blocking what was once a public road, in a prime tourist location, to somewhere else, say to Vienna or to an island in the middle of the Danube .

    1. This country gets more bonkers every year …

      Apart from the non Museum of less we remember and ‘celebrating’ an Uprising of WWII were they were duly stuffed as a fighting force, by the Germans…now I read on the other channel , we currently have a celebration marking the Day of Slovaks Living Abroad ??? This will take place between July 4 and July 6. It appears the The Day of Slovaks Living Abroad was established by the Slovak parliament to coincide with July 5, the national holiday of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The founding stone of a memorial in Bratislava was laid in the year 2000 to commemorate Slovaks who left their homeland at various times and for various reasons. The programme includes a pilgrimage to Devin Castle. (WHAT & WHY ??)

      Is there nothing in Slovakia worth real celebration or commemoration ???

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