Green for Construction of National Football Stadium at Tehelne Pole

Slovakia could finally have a national football stadium in the next two years or so, as the building permit has been issued to demolish the derelict Tehelne Pole stadium and replace it with a brand new 20,000-seater stadium.

Former national venue Tehelne Pole now an overgrown crumbling wreck

The news was announced yesterday with the demolition and construction to go ahead as part of the same phase instead of split phases, in an attempt to minimise the impact on the neihbourhood in a busy part of Bratislava.

Work should begin already this summer and the hope is that the new stadium, with around 1,000 underground parking spaces, will be ready within 18 months from the start of work.


  1. Many recent stadiums have a hotel and business centre attached. It makes commercial sense.

  2. Bit by this. A National stadium with a 20K capacity? so it will never host any major tournaments. It would be interesting to see what category rating they propose for this new build. Isn’t the City Arena, Trnava going to be much larger?

    1. ~~~Isn’t the City Arena, Trnava going to be much larger?~~~

      Que Jimbo and his awesome comment ……….

  3. Wonderful news ……….but errrrrrrrrrr who is going to pay for this Hanging Gardens of Babylon then ?

  4. I wonder if the developer will sneak in a hotel and some residential/comercial space into the new build, it seems to happen quite a bit in sk.? nudge nudge know what i mean,know what i mean, a nods as good as a wink to a blind bat!!!!!

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