Hackers Anonymous Target Penta and Government

The Gorilla affair in Slovakia caught the attention of the hackers group Anonymous, which as a show of solidarity has targeted the websites of Penta financial group, political parties and the Government Office in the past few days.

V for Vendetta (c) The Daily.sk

Anonymous announced in advance that it would be targeting the websites of Penta’s companies, including Prima Banka (formerly Dexia) and health insurance company Dovera. That is exactly what it did on Friday, bringing the sites down while leaving certain features for clients of the bank and health insurer as they were not its target.

Anonymous also attacked the website of the SDKU party, which was in government at the time the Gorilla operation of the secret service SIS took place. On Saturday the group of specialist hackers successfully attacked also the websites of the Government Office and the Ministry of Finance, also in  protest at the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which was ratified by 22 EU countries at the weekend and awaits also the green light from Slovakia.

ACTA has met with strong opposition because of how it will take control of certain aspects of the internet, applying censorship and depriving users of certain freedoms.


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