Happy Tax Freedom Day!

Happy tax freedom day, we might say, as all the money you have earned this year to date (at 10.30 on 3 June 2013) has officially, or rather statistically, gone towards paying your dues to the state, which works out at just under 42% of all you earn.

This year it is 2 days longer than last year, when it fell on 1 June, according to according to data of the Association of Slovak Taxpayers and the F.A. Hayek Foundation.

As the government slaps additional taxes and levies on everyone, the tax burden looks set to increase further.


  1. A tad off topic but can someone explain these two gems?
    An audit of the local council finances has highlighted what are described as “financial indiscipline” ( now there’s a phrase that covers almost everything!) Action taken – reduce the mayors’ salary to the minimum ( still over 2K!) for three months. No in depth investigation, no police involved.
    Same council recently voted to reduce the budget for the cultural department to ZERO, NIL, not a cent! However the department staff will still get paid, all the perks for doing…………….what exactly?

  2. It would appear the penny has finally dropped for some locals. Yes you are paying an arm and a leg to keep the corrupt, bone idle and incompetent in jobs to provide ever worsening, inefficient services.
    You can bet your last cent that with a 800 million hole in the finances we will be paying yet more in the not too distant future.

  3. People here can complain all they want about low salaries but they do nothing to change the situation. Why go to University and study to become a teacher for example when you know how low the salary will be? Then you become a teacher and complain about low salaries?? The mind boggles!!

    This country is very much screwed.

  4. Slovakia is becoming more expensive yet the wages are dreadfully low and services sparse. Does not match at all.
    Health insurance alone is standard charge of €55/month but for many that alone is 10% of their net take.

  5. 42%? and the rest! Who was the “typical worker”? A 30 year old, single, overpaid, paper shuffling, state employed, non-job, still living with mummy and daddy? Don’t tell me, health, pension, social insurances are not included, nor are local “taxes” which rise every year even though services are non existent, or the ever more expensive car parking permits, motorway tolls, charges for technical inspections, fees for permission to do this or that, even on your own property. No mention of the indirect taxation burden we all have to carry.
    If I am lucky, what I earn in August will be mine, all mine.

  6. Does that 31% include the number of buried bodies you found in your garden ?

    Stories …mass panic in the streets, transport at a halt , riots in the shops due to blatant Q jumping, thousands already in UNESCO tents and slowvak turds are floaters, or it appears .

    ….river water is rising through the town though …

  7. 42%…. don’t think so…. my total deductions work out at around 31%

    Also – no news on the state of emergency in Bratislava? Would be an interesting read and would be nice to hear some comments and stories.

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