Harabin hits back at justice minister Zitnanska

Zitnanska comes under fire (photo (c) John Boyd)

In the ping-pong match between Supreme Court chairman, Stefan Harabin, and finance minister Ivan Miklos, and now justice minister Lucia Zitnanska, Harabin has returned the service.

The ongoing saga over the Ministry of Finance’s attempts to conduct an audit at the Supreme Court and Harabin’s insistent refusal seems without end, as the Supreme Court has now filed a criminal petition against justice minister Zitnanska for her recent call for disciplinary action to be taken against Harabin.

The Supreme Court is accusing Zitnanska of the crime of abusing the power of a public official, and for interfering with the independence of the court, as well as for slander and for unauthorised use of personal information. She allegedly committed these crimes by lodging and publicising a petition for disciplinary action against Harabin, even though she was aware of the pending lawsuits between Harabin and Miklos.

“The Constitutional principle of innocent until proven guilty has been violated” announced Supreme Court chairman Harabin. The complaint has been filed with the Attorney General.

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