Harabin Turns to Human Rights Court

European Court of Human Rights (c) Alfredovic

Speaking to TA3 news channel yesterday, Supreme Court chairman Stefan Harabin said he plans to turn to the European Court of Human Rights over his annual salary being penalised by 70% thanks to a lawsuit of justice minister Lucia Zitnanska.

Harabin feels like he is being charged just for having his legal opinion, but this claim was rejected by justice minister Zitnanska, who said it was for breach of obligations laid down by law.

Harabin will contest the disciplinary punishment imposed on him by the Constitutional Court, which ruled that he would be stripped of 70% of one annual salary for not allowing an audit at his court. He argues that the Constitutional Court was not consistent in its ruling, because in 2007 former Supreme Court head Milan Karabin was not punished for the same.



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