Have a Heart event in Zalesie near Bratislava, for all dog-lovers

Thousands of dogs are abandoned and abused every year. Thanks to the civic association MAJME SRDCE (HAVE A HEART) many dogs are saved from a life of distress and abuse and given love and attention. This year the association has prepared the event called “We can change it”, which is dedicated to all abandoned and abused animals.

The event offers varied programme including presentation of dogs that are waiting to be housed or presentation of rescue dogs and interviews with their owners and many more activities (for full programme, visit www.majmesrdce.sk). Your children can have a horse ride and play all kinds of games with great prizes.

Have a doggie? So, don’t hesitate to take part in the dog competition as the highlight of the event is “Best Doggie” competition 2010 (Naj-Havkáč 2010).

The event takes place on 29 August in Zálesie, 5 km away from Bratislava and starts at 11 am. Get involved and show how big your heart is, as together we can change something.

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