Head of national betting company Tipos resigns

The general director of national lottery and betting company Tipos, Stanislav Ziacik, resigned yesterday, putting his departure down to personal reasons.

Finance minister Ivan Miklos accepted his resignation, while asking him to stay on until a replacement is appointed in the next few days.

The media recently released information that Ziacik, who was only put in the post in August by the new government, had supposedly awarded a contract without a tender to the advertising agency VYV, which he used to co-own.

Minister Miklos requested the Supervisory Board of Tipos to investigate the contract last week, saying he would act immediately if anything was untoward. Based on the Supervisory Board’s report, yesterday Milkos informed the press that Ziacik had not broken the law or any internal guidelines of the company.

“There was a transparent public procurement procedure, and although it was a fast-track procedure without notice, the tender contained three realistic bids from three actual agencies. The cheapest one was selected” Miklos said.

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