Head of Socialna Poistovna is sacked

One of the issues that the government managed to deal with at its remote session in Kosice on Friday was to dislodge the head of the social insurance agency, Dusan Munko.

Munko, who is also a Smer-SD MP, was placed at the head of Socialna Poistovna for a six year term of office by the former government, and has been refusing to stand down ever since, even after various calls from government representatives. Now the government got a knock-out on technicalities, which may even see Munko being criminally prosecuted.

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said “Munko hasn’t met the obligations of an SP general director as prescribed by law”. The issues leading to his demise include the fact that SP didn’t comply with the obligation in relation to the tax authorities where data interchange was concerned, and also his failure to satisfy the strategic goal of the insurer to have a collection rate of 96.25% in 2010, as the rate actually fell in 2009.

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