Head of State Insurer Queried About Luxury Flat

The head of state health insurer VsZP, Marcel Forai, has come under the microscope of daily Pravda, which queried him about how on his income he acquired a luxurious flat in the River Park complex in Bratislava, valued at around EUR 700,000.

RiverPark on the Danube

Forai refused to answer the questions of the daily about the acquisition of the flat in 2013, with no bank or other lien on the property registered in his name, meaning no loan was required.

Although Forai has been earning over EUR 8,000 a month as head of the insurer since April 2012, before that he worked in public service positions and did not pursue any business, so hardly enough to save up for the apartment, the daily claims.



  1. Now I know where my monthly waaaay overpriced VsZP payments are going…
    There is just no end!

  2. Wait for it at the Press Conference ( Q.. PR Girl with Big Tits ) , ……My mate Mr Rich guy ( who just happen to win some Bill Board or No Competitive Tender contract bid we find out later ) ……yes he LOANED me the money and wanted me to pay no interest rate and take no lien security against the flat, as he trusts me so much ……Add this to DC`s list and his dribbs and drabbs of corrupt payments gone from the taxpayer and another bit of sweeping under the carpet in the making……so arrogant guy, as well as that they know nothing will ever happen to them as you dont get me I`m part of the Union ie. Smer .


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