Health Minister To Stand Down Over Dubious Tender

Health minister Zuzana Zvolenska will be stepping down as minister after the media disclosed the purchase of a special CT machine at three times the regular price for the hospital in Piestany.

photo (s) Cmenesesoliveira

Zvolenska was called to stand down by Prime Minister Robert Fico after no satisfactory explanation could be found as to why the hospital had to pay three times the market prices for the specialised equipment.

The Alexander Winter hospital in Piestany paid around EUR 1.5 million for the machine, while a Czech hospital paid just EUR 540,000 or so for the same machine earlier this year, Nobody from the Ministry, the hospital board or the supplying company could come up with any other explanation than that it was more expensive as it was to be paid off in instalments over four years.

Outgoing minister Zvolenska dismissed ministerial appointees from the board after the affair broke and has said that they had not informed the Ministry of the procedures at the hospital.


  1. Super comment Tic, do yea, do yea, do yea, yea really fink so ?

  2. From what I understand, the higher managment of the civil service is replaced when a different political party takes power, so discrediting the incumbent party by whistleblowing risks anyone over middle management losing their job.

  3. For everyone of these cases that is brought to public attention there are thousands that never get a mention. Whether is it CT machines, police radars or just simple nuts and bolts every state/public body must obtain equipment through “approved suppliers”. These people are invariably cronies of various public celebs, they don’t have any special skills they just act as middle men and put whatever mark up they like on everything they “supply”. It is probably the biggest con trick and rip off in Europe and nothing will ever change because there are too many of those in power with their snouts in the trough.

  4. How should this reflect on the police radar detectors that were four times the cost of other agencies? Are they really cutting down on the people that were caught?

  5. That would be quite a windfall for someone. Don’t you have guidlines and checks and balances?

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