Health Ministry to ban legal narcotic souvenirs


The reports in the media recently about the ‘special gifts’ on sale in so-called Crazy Shops in Slovakia have led the Ministry of Health to revise the list of drugs classed as narcotic or psychotropic.

These Crazy Shops sell what they call souvenirs containing various cannabinoids and other substances like mephedrone, which although legal will give people a high if consumed. The substances in them are said to be dangerous to health, however, but the problem is, they are not officially recommended for consumption.

Health minister Ivan Uhliarik announced this week that the ministry would be adding new substances to the list of controlled drugs progressively as required. The products are already banned in 13 EU countries.

There is a loophole in the law that allows the shops to sell these harmful substances because they are being sold as gifts and not as food or nutritional supplements for consumption, pointed out former health minister Richard Rasi from Smer-SD- party.

Hospitalisations and fatal cases have allegedly been registered in other countries as a result of consuming these products, including 18 deaths in Poland where most of the products are produced.

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