Hedviga Malinova case sheds new evidence

The much-debated case of Hedviga Malinova from 2006, when she claimed she had been attacked and beaten by a group of skinheads just because she was speaking Hungarian on her mobile phone, seems to be without end.

Malinova reported the incident to the police, but was then later subjected to all kinds of treatment and accusations, with the police eventually trying to charge her for making the whole story up. The police were given the full support of then interior minister Robert Kalinak and the Prime Minister Robert Fico, who openly declared in the media that they believed her story to be contrived.

In the latest development, Prosecutor General Dobroslav Trnka told reporters yesterday, 5 August, that Malinova’s lawyer Roman Kvasnica had sent a petition to his office last week asking for new relevant evidence to be admitted. “The request is now being examined by a prosecutor”, said Trnka.

Last month Trnka informed that the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office on the case would depend on the expert medical appraisal, which has not yet been submitted. A five-member team at the Prosecutor-General’s Office has been dealing with the case since 2007.

The conflict with the police and their perjury accusations started after Malinova claimed that she had been put under excess pressure by the police to say that was lying. The case has received a lot of attention and raised a lot of questions about how fighting for justice in the Slovak legal system might just not be worth the trouble.

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