Hedviga Malinova Passed Lie Detector Test

In the five-year old case surrounding the alleged beating of ethnic Hungarian student at the time, Hedviga Malinová, who ironically is facing charges of perjury for her testimony, it turns out that she basically passed a lie detector test back in 2006.

Hedviga's upcoming book tells her side of the story

According to news portal cas.sk, Malinova (now Zakova) underwent the test in Tel Aviv in November 2006, with the results showing that she was in fact telling the truth about being the victim of an ethnically motivated attack for speaking Hungarian. The Israeli expert that conducted the test said there was no way she could have made it up.

The case has drawn a lot of attention as former PM Robert Fico and his right-hand man, former interior minister Robert Kalinak, stood fully behind the police after she was accused by them all of making the whole thing up. This then turned against Miss Malinova, who still has the threat of perjury charges hanging over her head. Maybe this latest disclosure will swing in her favour if admissible.

Since then Hedviga Zakova has married, had two kids and written a book about her harrowing experience, which comes out in Slovak and Hungarian this December.

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