Hidden Cameras Found at Police Station, Source Unknown

A curious case has arisen where hidden cameras were found monitoring police officers at a police station in Bratislava, TV Joj discovered, with as yet no explanation as to who put them there or for what reason.

Police under scrutiny (c) The Daily.SK

The case concerns the special emergency mobile unit made up of around 166 officers, with the hidden cameras discovered inside motion sensors by accident by one of the officers.

There can be only two reasons for the cameras, either they were illegally planted or are part of an undercover operation aimed at the police themselves. The Ministry of Interior has said only that it is investigating the case.


  1. Talking of being caught on camera ….Fico was captured on TV news …falling to the ground as Oh wonderous one Uncle Bob, had seriously injured his left foot during a football match in Košice. It appears he was diagnosed with a broken Achilles tendon . Perhaps there is a God after all, after he ignored the beatings he police state gave those roma ? I was hoping some young kid had wacked him off the ball and I was going to start a whip round to send the kid a cheque .

    Not that this website was reporting this event, or how the Presidential race and vote will be close call, after the recent polls ….all Quiz nights and Geek meeting in the Amber Bar …The event dress code is wear a frock, or a flowery neckchief I read .

    Just gotta laugh at the KDH President candidates ….two or is it three guys hardly making a voting dent …and that Party has the gall to say they represent ` the Slowvak family ` ..

  2. Mmmm…… cameras hidden in a police station and nobody knows who put them there. So some Herberts, walked into a police station, presumably with tools, ladders etc. and no-one can remember, no-one challenged them. Where were the plods? – in the pub? I only hope they weren’t motion activated!

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