Higher Study Fees For Part-Time Students

Students studying part-time at university will have to dig deeper into their pockets now as tuition fees are set to rise in September.

Comenius University, Bratislava (c) The Daily

The increase in study fees is based on a ruling of the Constitutional Court from last year, with some universities planning to hike current symbolic amounts up to as much as EUR 1,000 a year, reports Pravda daily.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court essentially banned discrimination between students, meaning they should all be subject to the same fees or have no fees at all. Some experts believe that the new fees will lead to a drop in the number of part-time students studying at university.


  1. Blimmy, claiming I have too much time on my own hands by responding to my spoof news item is a bit brass necked one feels …..

  2. Yes, can’t imagine Mrs George M will be too thrilled at having to endure one of Micky’s flying cattle trucks. Hope you’ll have the limo waiting for her at the airport….

    I slept much easier last night for knowing all about Ms Tilleman’s visit, so thanks for taking the trouble to cut and paste that out for us.

  3. I think, Mr Boyd, you have seen George in his tru colours, the above comments, plus his other derogatory comments about thieving eastern europeans in the Uk etc. He obviously also has time on his hands for spouting off on here.

  4. George old boy,
    After all your adverse comments about Ryanair, surely you could arrange a more suitable flight for your mother.

  5. Perish at the thought John …….I mean you always print such meaningful, useful and refreshingly interesting news items old son ….IPSOS poll anyone?

    BTW ………..My mum , wife to my father and grandmother to 8 grandchildren living currently in the UK,is also scheduled to visit Slovakia on Wednesday, August 24, by Ryanair flight. Siting the George M , Newsreal agency, she is scheduled to meet representatives of my friend and family here in Austria and Slovakia . One of the topics they discuss should be her role as a patron of the family for supervising the process of making yummy cakes . She and my mother-in law lead the working group established to support the process of transition to cake making for this country. The my mum-in-law is a member of the Task Force for master cake makers as well……….:-)

  6. I think there should be competition between news media about placing the biggest non relevant , non interesting, utter crap news item, in quiet, silly news season August ….

    My current vote goes to The Slovak Spectator for this item………..

    Tomicah Tillemann, senior advisor for civil society and emerging democracies to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is scheduled to visit Slovakia on Wednesday, August 24, the SITA newswire reported, citing the US Embassy in Bratislava. Tillemann is scheduled to meet representatives of the Slovak Foreign Ministry. One of the topics they discuss should be Slovakia’s role as a patron country for supervising the democratisation process in Tunisia. Slovakia and the Netherlands lead the working group established to support the process of transition to democracy in the country. The United States is a member of the Task Force for Tunisia as well.

    Tillemann will also hold talks with government representatives and NGOs. They will discuss Slovakia’s experience of building democratic institutions and the application of this experience in other countries. She will also introduce the Democracy Mentorship Initiative project within which people from Slovakia who played a major role in the process of democratisation can share their experiences with transition countries.

    Who actually gives a FCUK some yank called Tilleman is coming to Slovakia, and why is the Spec , printing a Embassy press release !!!!!!!

    1. If you are referring also to this article on student fees, it is relevant, just not to you. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of foreign students studying in Slovakia, so trust me, this news interests them.

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