Hockey: Green Light for Slovan Stadium in KHL

Hockey team Slovan Bratislava, which recently joined the Russian KHL league, can enjoy home games at the Ondrej Nepala arena after passing an inspection by league inspectors, the team announced today.
Ondrej Nepela Hockey Stadium (c) The

“Slovnaft Arena is a great stadium and only a few defects need fixed” announced chief supervisor of the KHL, Vadim Skoropupov.

Slovan has topped the Slovak league eight times, most recently in a tightly fought battle this year. Just last month Slovan took on new coach Rostislav Cada, who brings with some KHL experience.

Slovan was welcomed in May to the KHL for the 2012-2013 season along with Ukrainians Donbass Donetsk and Czech team Lev Prag.


  1. I do not know James, but Ian looks very excited about it. I can only guess that better teams will be coming to play here.

  2. This is one reason I don’t quite ‘get’ ice-hockey, much as I enjoy watching it.
    Teams whoring themselves out to foreign leagues, an annual World Championship which misses many of the best players because the NHL is still going on etc.

    What does this brave new dawn for Slovan mean for Slovak ice-hockey as a whole?

  3. Can not wait for the new season. New league new challenge, should be exciting.

    If you don’t know what the defects are George how can you say overpriced fix and saying the Russian league inspectors were paid off what proof do you have.

    The defects could be anything from fire doors to wrong seating but you seem to know more. So tell us??

    1. Ian Mc….I’m trying to imagine you with some sort of personality?

      Does your train of thought have a caboose?

  4. ….and only a few defects need fixed” ????

    This is a Brand new Stadium ???

    I feel a overpriced fix the stadium contract being made, to someones local mate, to pay off the grudging Russian league inspectors, who said mmmmm yes ?

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