Hockey: Slovak Heroes Bring Back Silver

The whole nation had its fingers crossed for the final of the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland, as Slovakia took on the mighty bear of Russia last night.

Slovaks celebrating the Ice Hockey World Championships (c) Dan Richardson

The Slovaks started well, getting an early goal after a minute, as Chara blasted his 175 kph shot into the goal. They only managed to hold onto their lead for about eight minutes, though, with the Russians equalising to end the first period 1-1.

Everything started to go wrong in the second period, though, as the favourites Russia made use of all mistakes made by the Slovak team, extending their lead. The second period ended 4-1.

The third period was not much better for the Slovaks, who were constantly under pressure from the Russians, who remained unbeaten in the championships, slaughtering most of their opponents. The final score was 6-2, with Chara (who scored both goals for Slovakia) being voted Man of the Match.

Slovakia were pretty much one of the underdogs in the tournament, so getting the silver medal is a massive success. Third place went to the Czech team, which was beaten 3-1 by Slovakia in the semi-final. For many Slovaks, this was a gold medal in itself thanks to the rivalry between the two countries.

The team will fly back today to a massive welcome, touring Bratislava to end at SNP square later this afternoon, where as many as 25,000 fans are expected to show up to show their appreciation for the great result of the Slovak team.


  1. I read today …….While attending the NATO summit in Chicago President Ivan Gašparovič issued a thank you statement to the Slovak national ice hockey team for representing the country so well at the World Championship.

    “I think they also did a good job representing NATO because it was a game of NATO against the Russian Federation,” the Slovak President stated !!!

    No fool, like an old communist fool and this man is the current figurehead of Slovakia !

  2. First of all, that Russian team was outstanding. They thrashed Finland, the champions and hosts don’t forget, in the semis. Losing to them in the final is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, winning seven successive games to get to that stage was a fantastic effort by Slovakia. No doubt the Canadians, Swedes, Czechs and Americans would willingly swap places.

    The celebrations of this achievement have all been great to see, with one exception ; the Markiza newsreaders wearing hockey shirts while presenting the evening bulletin yesterday. That was cheap tack if ever I saw it.

  3. You got the wrong chap my friend, I am not even European nor English is my first language. Though I do respect your personal vendetta it looks like it means a lot to you.

  4. That could be it GM! I have seen around website’s comments area with similar threads and people getting into conflicts, but it is really amazing how hooked this guy Losgar is. He gets seriously emotional when he reads critiques about Slovakian culture.

    Some piece of advice Losgar:
    “Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  5. NY. A News website comments area perhaps 🙂

  6. I think if you all keep your personal attacks and feelings away from the article you will find there is a cultural sociological discrepancy. I first noticed it during the world cup when Slovaks where all excited about losing to such a good team (Netherlands) and at the end of the match everybody was giving them a hand. As a football viewer I was surprised, since back home when our team lost we were devastated and I even considered to stop watching the rest of the cup.
    Same situation with the hockey, if my team was in the final and lost it I would be devastated, I could not care less if the had a silver medal. But in my own perspective appreciating the effort is not accepting a losers attitude. The line is very thin and probably would not be a celebration but and acknowledgement of what has been achieved.
    However, having the Slovaks celebrating their 2nd place is indeed interesting, besides the superficial reading of they are congratulating losers, does anyone could translate this social slovak behaviour to another sphere where we can really understand its consequences?

  7. @George M – You need to stop, stop the complaining, stop the hate, stop the insults. You are becoming the one thorn in the side, the burnt out bulb in the fixture, the stain left behind after I flush! Just a nuisance!

    If you hate Slovakia so much, WHY ARE YOU HERE! How do you think your rude comments and posts are going to change anything? To get a kick out of reading the posts going against you is just sick!

    I hope the “Daily” either bans you or censors your posts…. This site should not be a daily attack on the Slovaks. It should be an informative and non-biased view of the conditions we live in. If you disagree, then go to the right sources to make a movement to make something better….. Ideas of improvement should always be considered!

    OK, enough… please change your way of thinking, as it is just not humorous nor doing any good for any of us.

  8. Well done Slovakia! A brave effort in a truly David and Goliath clash. Let’s hope its gold next year!

    Team GB – Hammered by Japan! 5-0! What’s going on?

  9. Oh my Gosh!!! Hey people I really don´t understand why you are so angry with each other. English people, I just would like to say you that Slovakia is just a little country with small population. And ice hockey is nation sport for us..
    I think when we win some medals so we have right to celebrate. Each medal is a big success for a country with a population of just 6 million. We have had and we still have the option for good sportsmen in many sports.

    When you win second or third place in your nation sports (for example football, rugby, baseball), you will celebrate this success, like we do now. It is for us something special.
    You can compare the Russian Federation with the Slovak Republic, whether on a map or a population and you´ll see the difference. Russians do have more capabilities, it is larger country. It is no shame lost in the finals against such a GIANT how the Russia is.

    Every one success of our countrymen is highly acclaimed and celebrated. And every one person on the Earth is proud of his country.
    And it does not matter whether it is a Slovak or English person or anyone else.

    Every single person cheers for his country and is thankful for every success, for each one victory.

    1. “When you win second or third place in your nation sports (for example football, rugby, baseball), you will celebrate this success, like we do now.”
      NO, nobody celebrates second or third places.

      “Russians do have more capabilities, it is larger country”
      the equation bigger country=more chances to win does not apply in any sport.

      “And every one person on the Earth is proud of his country”
      Again, totally not true. And being proud of a country has nothing to do with a match. You should have written “and every person in Slovakia is proud of his country”

  10. Lucia , can I help it if you have the IQ of a goldfish and would rather have a hissy fit and feet stamp, rather than exchange mutual cultural views ?

    Parroting comments is rather childish, but very Slovak …Perhaps you can be throat cured ? Have you ever tried sucking a Fisherman`s Friend ?

    1. Tipical english man delused from his life…need to be offensive, ’cause somebody else’s happy with a little victory….

  11. george first of all nobody not even english understand what you`re on about so the problem won`t be me!!!!! second of all ALL players have been born in slovakia you sad waste of space and the sand bucket is there for you to stick your head in it nobody is interested in your little mind opinions!!! i`m off and you can get stuffed!!!

  12. Thank you, Slovakia!

    Also we Finns were very proud of you and hoped that you had won Russia.
    I was in the final Arena with my 11 old son with slovakian shirt & flag and we really were like “real Slovakian fans”.
    Amazing 😀

    1. Sorry for the reading on this web site Lare but one English guy is trashing this web site so we are a bit busy here.

      Thanks for your support!! Slovaks know about that. Antero Mentaranta is very popular in Slovakia right now. Go to this web site and right at the top of it you can find an audio with him cheering for SVK team.

      Anyway I must say I always supported Russians when they played other teams.

      Since the last winter Olympics I always worry when the SVK team plays the FIN team, we just can’t play you. Anyway since this World Cup Finish team is on my list of favourite teams, we will pay you back!!

      See you next year in Helsinky!! All the best!!

  13. Lucia, I get the feeling you were born and bred in Slovakia as well ?

    Not a clue have you ? Do you what home grown talent means ? Being a Contry National means , ie perhaps not being born in Slovakia, but having or obtaining a Slovak passport ?

    Perhaps you should back read your own comments and mine in reply and then kindly stick your head back in the sand bucket .

  14. Lets call it what it is , a Looser`s medal after Loosing the final ….I think Ice Hockey stole this colour medal idea from the Olympics. Normal competitive sportsman consider second as nowhere . Still the Slovak players can always sell the Silver on eBay ???

  15. You cannot play for you home team unless you are a national of the country you dope and Slovakia allowed very little immigration in the 90`s and even now ….. ….well unless you happen to be a talented Skier from Russia that can win you an Olympic medal !

    ………..and what talent who would really want to come to Slovakia? This is a place where total looser`s are thought winners ?

    1. they are slovak nationals YOU DOPE!!! so no idea what you`re on about and already got an idea why you`re such a loser!!! no one interested in you so you have to take on your frustrations somewhere!!

      1. We slovak will remember 2. place….Great Lucia….tell him how strong are we….

  16. errrrrrrr Smug Alec …..most of the IH players earned there trade and living OUTSIDE Slovakia …. ???

    1. he was saying they`re home grown talent, learn to read you idiot! it doesn`t matter where they went in adult life!!!!

    2. they were born in Slovakia learnt to play in Slovakia played in Slovakian ice hockey teams were discovered to be really good players and asked to play for large amounts of money in other teams in other contries just like footballers like David Beckham and many other sports stars. You go where the money is but play for your country just like all sportsmen and women do.

      1. Sorry Ian, reading your comment is like reading paint drying?

        Your point being is ……?

        My point for the dimwitted , was that normally ALL players in national teams are home grown …..or they are have to hold a Passport of the nation they represent ………Slovakia are NOT unique ?

        Someone explain to Lucia please , she appears to have lost the plot here?

  17. A good month for Slovakia. Top of the Eu growth chart with 3.7 percent and a silver medal in the ice hockey; and all with home grown talent.
    There’s clearly something to be said for being lazy, stupid and not well heeled.

  18. If I had my team`s ass completely kicked by the former Russian master , I don`t think I would be cheering my home team in the streets ? The odd thing was , beating the Czech was a bigger event for Slovaks than even winning the Final?

    However, I had three bits of amusement last night watching TV . The first was the number of TV Ad breaks, during the actual playing ?? Second, was the longer TV breaks premium rate ( 3.30 euro plus DPH ) phonein competition, to pick 1 of 3 answers , to WIN, ………YES, an entire 33 EURO for answering a simple question, that sometimes took three guess goes to win ?? ( Mr & Mrs Thick or What ??? )

    …..and finally , there was death and destruction in a 6 scale Earthquake in Italy, the Lockerbie killer died, at long last and the Euro/Greece/Italy/Spain story …..and what did 7pm Slovak TV Markiza lead with ? Two newsreaders appeared in Slovak Hockey shirts and a report of the few crowds gathering at the Big Screens and the Ice Hockey final ???? ……..The real world outside the borders for Slovaks just does not exist ???

  19. Oh please, this `Championship`, is played between the same 6/7 teams each and every year , ie two from the US, a few from Europe, ( no South American, Asian, African Japan, etc etc and yes there is snow there too ) played, with second and third rate players and only the Slovaks as a nation get excited about being in it . A good NHL team would beat most of the country teams, or so I am informed .

    It is not about belittling, it is about getting things into total perspective as a World Sporting Event, rather than this little club event of a few competitors made up and based on Cold War rivalry .

    BTW. You did not WIN silver , you LOST GOLD … always cretin Slovaks enjoy and take credit from being a bunch of second place looser`s ! Enjoy !

    1. Just watch the icons you idiot!!

      If you switch only the nicknames and keep the same email address you also keep the old icon. Then you get a mix of new nickname and old icon. Just like you did last time. Remember???

  20. I would say well done, but no one remembers 2nd place, except the second place team!

    After 10 years, you would think the players would have put everything they have into these games…. they just gave up! Sure the Russians were fast and very skiled, but as any team knows, it takes more than that to win!

    So now they need to start focusing on next year, and to not end up in the bottom rankings as they have in past years! Once at the top, you have to stay there! That makes a team great, not beating one rival team! as for the Czech Team, I don’t know why we always cower to them, as they are not superior in any fashion. The boarders are set, so should our expectations for the Slovaks as individuals. I respect a lot of people in this country and have earned their respect in return with hard work and dedication! Gove a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime! It is time the Slovaks stated fishing on their own!
    Anyway, SLiver is better than nothing! Have your day, then get back to work and prove all these critics wrong next year! BTW: It is a sign of weakness to complain or bewinlder any man who has accomplished something you will never do in your lifetime!

  21. Heads held high ? Why ? You LOST and by a huge margin, not only in score but in performance . I think the reporter was watching a different game to me ?…The Russian team thrashed the Slovaks and they were never in the game, after the first 5 minutes ??? Total domination !

    Mind you Slovaks `celebrate` a thrashing in the mountains in WWII , so no surprise at the current apoplexy over an Ice Hockey match .

  22. Well done to the team, they done the country proud and can hold their heads up high and beating the Czech really is the gold medal not to have that jinx around their necks. They are champions and will go to next years championships stronger. Again well done :))

  23. Who wrote this utter crap ? The underdogs, great success in coming second, etc …. ?? Were we all not having it stuffed down our throats that Super Slovakia were MS Champions a few years ago ???? Why dress up a `silver medal`as some kind of moral victory and how glorious this sad lot were in utter surrender in the game ! I would be ashamed if my team performed to such low level …

    The fact is Slovakia, should be considered as one of the front runners, hopeful`s in EVERY championship, yet the report claims that we should all be surprised ???? …The fact is they were totally THRASHED by their Russian master, in a game that was so one sided, that I wondered if Slovak team had been bribed ? The dimwitted team of SVK standing there all smilie and vacant!

    See how the Germans ( B. Munich ) reacted when they lost the Champions League final , they were ashamed, devastated, had their bus tour of the City cancelled ….yet this Slovak bunch of bankers will come home as hero`s …….bizzare !

    1. What a typical reaction of an English man. Envy, jealousy and hatred.
      Shame on you!!
      Because England can’t play ice-hockey and it’s people slip even on banana peels?

      You English people should learn that the world is not only about you. I’d say prince Charles is the only normal English man I know. The other people are just rubbish.

      England should stop occupying Scotland and Northern Ireland!! Free Scotland!!!!!!! Stop killing Irish people!!!!!! It’s 21st century you barbarians!!!
      It’s a pity the Vikings didn’t wipe all men out completely. Actually they did but then they raped your women and a new generation was born.

      1. Dear Losgar

        I agree with everything you said and I am proud to support Slovakia and proud to be Scottish. The English have never been good loser and worse winners. They won the world cup in 1966 and we have heard about every year since and they have not won anything since. 🙂

        1. That’s right!! Also Chelsea won finally the Champions League thanks to Russian money, Russian management and the best goalkeeper in the world who is Czech.

          Such a useless nation!! Ticks have better purpose of live.

          1. Thank god none where Slovak they would have stolen the ball or taken a bribe to miss the penalty ….

    2. what a saaaaad saaaaaaaad man to try to put slovakia down, you need to get a life and not read stuff about slovakia if you don`t like it! we are proud to be slovaks and PROUD of our team to make it this far!!!!! silver is an honour to get, start speaking up when england wins anything!!!!!!

      1. Lucia, get a life ….you WON nothing and Lost .

        If you want to be proud to come SECOND in a game competition, most of the real world does not even play …..the what about starting the pig killing contest or abuse of the Roma people by the police Tour of Slovakia ?

        Perhaps you should learn to play baseball …you could join the just the USA in the WORLD SERIES and be only the third country to play ????

  24. “For many Slovaks, this was a gold medal in itself thanks to the rivalry between the two countries.”
    Writing this you just bold the small brother syndrome.
    It’s already time to change this mentality and stop living on the shadows of Czech republic, Slovakia has enough potential for this.

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