Hockey: Slovakia Oust Favourites into Semi-Finals

They did it! The Slovak ice hockey team took out the favourites Canada in the quarter finals of the IIHF World Championships in a closely fought match after they scored a crucial goal by Michal Handzus just two minutes from the end to win 4-3.

Slovaks celebrating the Ice Hockey World Championships (c) Dan Richardson

Slovakia took an early two goal lead, but the gap was closed for Canada by Evander Kane to end the first period 2-1. Canada knew what they had to do, though, and so came out fighting in the second period.

It wasn’t long into the second period before Canada equalised, thanks to a good move by Jeff Skinner. The Canadians closed the second period with a third goal by Alexandre Burrows, as Slovakia’s hopes started to evaporate.

The third period was the decider, though, and with just 6.5 minutes to go the Slovak players perked up and managed to get a great equaliser. This, boosted by a power play, spurred the Slovak team on to score the winning goal in the dying minutes thanks to a bluff shot by Handzuš.

This takes Slovakia through to the semi-finals in the first time in eight years and with a chance of a medal. They will meet either Sweden or their jinx, the Czech Republic.


  1. Well NY I have to agree with some of your comment, Bratislava is a good city to move about Europe but it does have it good points as well. As for taking on the Czech at hockey seems to be a jinx that we have never beaten them but there is always a first and if the do maybe then Europe will remember its Slovakia and not Czechoslavakia 🙂

  2. I really enjoy hearing Slovaks telling me how difficult the next match will vs Czech and it is mainly because they are used to lose against Czechs in every single aspect of their lives. And it is understandable, whenever a Slovak is away from home and even here in Europe people would mostly mistake them for Czecoslovakia 🙂 and this is not an education wrong. It is simply that there are not many memorable achievements to be remember in the worlds common memmory. When somebody comes to visit me here in BA, I can only suggest them to rather invest their time going to our neighbors capitals, really cultural places. That is indeed one of the best benefits of Bratislava that is close to better places. 🙂

  3. Amazing how excited some become, after a fluke result ? This Slovak ice Hockey team, which has made a semifinal for the first time in what 7-8 years and has shown no inkling of being world beaters, with some very poor performances in this competition thus far .

    As I said before , even a Slovak dog has it`s day …Next up it is your nemesis team the Czech`s, or perhaps you will be against the Borg , ie the Swedes ?

    Do you really fancy your chances ?

    1. Um yeah, we are playing the finals George. So, do you really fancy your chances of not being a complete idiot?

  4. With my office windo shut I could hear the shouts of joy after each goal! I didn’t need to keep track, and with a minute or so delay from live TV on my mobile I knew what was going to happen before I got to see it! výborne!!

  5. Slovakia through what a game. We can go all the way. Well don Slovensko team you guys are champions through and through.

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