Holocaust Memorial Day commemorated all over the world

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day in memory of those who died in The Holocaust.

The 27th of January was designated as the memorial day by the United Nations in 2001 on the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Brezinka concentration camp in 1945.

Auschwitz was the most notorious concentration camp at which over 1 million persecuted Jews were executed, with tens of thousands of Slovaks transported to their death at the camp.

On the occasion, Israeli Ambassador to Slovakia,  Alexander Ben-Zvi, noted how over 6 million people had been killed in the holocaust and that mankind should remember this day well so that people learn the importance of mutual tolerance and avoid a similar situation in future.

The ambassador lamented over what these people might have done if they had not been killed and how the holocaust was a huge loss for humankind as a whole. Source: Slovensky rozhlas

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