Honeywell may generate 600 jobs in Presov

U.S. Fortune 100 company Honeywell, which employs around 130,000 people worldwide, will now be taking on around 600 more in the city of Presov. The company looks set to place its investment there, by which it will supply goods and services to clients from the aviation and motor industry.

The decision is not yet official, though, and one source says it is still in the negotiation phase. The news was published on daily HN, which claims that the information has been confirmed by two independent sources.

Slovakia won over Poland in the bid for the deal, possibly thanks also to a recent visit to the U.S. by foreign minister Mikulas Dzurinda, who had talks with an unknown potential investor. Both the company and Slovak economy minister Juraj Miskov are keeping hush about the rumours.


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