How to Win A Slovak Election

March 2016 will be the moment of truth. The nation will once again choose their party, and their leader who they think will best serve the country. The marketing machine in the run for power has started already, and is hard to ignore. Pompous politicians on pictures in the streets are sometimes staring, sometimes smiling, to try and convince you about their reliability. And the people? They shrug their shoulders and carry on.

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily.SK

What should they vote for this time? Against gay marriage? Legalising softdrugs? Or for the loudest voice against asylum seekers? The people just do not care anymore. And why should they? Because in what way does one of the three points above improve the personal sphere of one person? In what way does it improve the life of one person if you legalise or doom an asylum seeker, marrying a gay neighbour, smoking a joint in a backyard?

The primary school teacher for instance. She does not care about these key political topics. Day to day, all she wants is to take good care of her children, so they can rise happily, without sorrow and to provide a solid base for their future. But in what way can she stay positive, keep up the energy, patience and willingness everyday if her children don’t even have a ball to play with in the playground? If she feels frustrated everyday because it is simply not possible to give her children what they actually need?

Or the old lady next door. She needs to hold on tightly to the brick wall every time she wants to leave the house. The stairs are too high for her, the holes in the road to big. She does not care about the political party that tries to win her vote in change of a small bonus to her retirement contribution. What she wants is simply more possibilities in life. An easy walk to the supermarket, and some lights on in the streets for when she walks home on a cold winter evening.

And finally the student. Will he vote for legalizing soft drugs? He won’t. He does not care. The thing he cares about is his future. He is making up the balance between staying at his homeland Slovakia, where his friends and family are. Where he knows every single step. Or leaving this country, having a better chance on proper education and a better future – for himself, and for his children later on. What will it be? Making oneself useful in Slovakia, or leaving to the unknown?

The way to win the election in March 2016 is to give people a reason to care. The person who provides a bridge to repair the gap between politics and the people will not only win the election, but more importantly, will win the willingness and belief of the people. Creating the best in Slovakia is not done by empty phrases of populism, by creating only temporary feelings of joy.

The voters are not a passive group standing at the sideline. It is about standing between the people, giving them hope, showing them possibilities. It is about creating a vision, binding and connecting people to reach the goal together, as a nation. The question is: who has the courage and spirit to do so? Who will be brave enough to pass by the roads of corruption, short term vision and easy excuses? Who will be the shining beacon for us and will change fear and passiveness into hope and lead us ahead into an independent Slovakia?

By Lee Larkin

Lee Larkin recently moved from Holland to Slovakia and has a degree in Public Administration.


  1. One can hope for the best with Lee’s article while still admitting that Dave’s comment sounds all too true for the present. The concerns Lee mentions reflect the real ones people face and perhaps Slovakians will not go forever with such needs unaddressed. Just perhaps a political figure will eventually emerge to positively address them in elective office. It will happen I think so long as all people do not give up all hope beforehand, and I know all are now so perilously close to that ultimate giving up.

  2. D.C …how the heck are you? I would have thought you would have shuffled off this mortal coil known as Slowvakia by now.?..this website is also as dead as a the old dodo ….more avverts for the next quiz night in the smelly bar , rather tgan actual news. Sadly the rock and roll has all gone.

  3. El Fico and his bandits know exactly how to win an election and are implementing their plans now. Generate a bit of fear as per Kalinakers recent revelation that there could be 12 million immigrants flocking here, why? God only knows. Buy votes – pension bonuses etc. Extra childcare places but still insufficient to satisfy demand. Up the minimum wage whilst disregarding the resultant job losses. Spend millions to improve the jerry built communist era panalaks so the masses may live in brightly coloured, polystyrene clad yet still substandard accommodation.
    Keep up the smoke and mirrors – open new roads that have taken decades to complete, over-budget, hold press conferences on any topic under the sun that does not affect Slovakia while side stepping or sweeping under the carpet issues like off shore bank accounts, dodgy business deals, no real action against high level corruption etc.
    I agree BnM and Co will probably win the next election……. but does he want to? Someone is going to have to pay for all the give-aways and he has a track record of fouling up public finances and then happily playing the blame game from opposition. Slovakia will get the Government it deserves next March. Whether it is the current bunch of crooks or a dysfunctional right wing coalition it is unlikely that the average Slovak will see or feel any real benefit.

  4. Hi Leek, welcome to my forum . I think you will find that most Slovaks are not as bright as you claim with dreams and hopes . Those over 60 want the old socialist days where bread & milk was 1 cent and gas and electricity was a pitance. Fico the current monkey in power only has to offer the bribe to the masses ( remembering that Bratislava ) is not Slovakia) and they vote for him on droves. I fully expect him party to be the biggest in Parliament and he will get over 50% of the popular vote …thus as the disjointed right wing will never agree how to carve up the pie to make a coalition thus King Robert will remain in power to plunder the Treasury at will. BTW. What is a degree in Public Administration make you competent in?

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