Human trafficking at eastern frontier

Last night, 29 July, border police in the east of Slovakia near Snina detained a group of 7 illegal immigrants

Five of those apprehended were from Georgia and two from Chechnya. Three of the Georgians were found near the frontier heading towards the village of Ubla after Ukrainian border guards had notified their Slovak counterparts about a breach. The other four were caught during a border check of a car bearing Austrian license plates. this happened right after another Austrian car had gone through the border and so the border police think the first three may possibly have been brought in that way.

It seems like the Austrian passengers could be human traffickers, said spokesperson for border security in the town of Sobrance, Agnesa Kopernicka. Border security is searching for the other vehicle and its crew. If found guilty, the culprits could face up to ten years in jail for human trafficking.

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