Hundreds of New Jobs, Maybe Not Enough

The U.S. supplier for carmakers Johnson Controls, the Danish producer of medical appliances Unomedical, the German wood group Grandwood and the U.S. producer of medical devices Medline are four investors planning to create hundreds of new jobs in Slovakia.

Kosice city will employ hundreds of IT experts. Ness KDC plans to create approximately 130 new jobs this year. U.S. giant IBM is also said to be planning a huge recruitment to fill 400 jobs. The company T-Systems announced an increase in the number of jobs by 250 already at the end of the last year.

After the takeover by Chinese, the Luxembourg-based company EII designs its new production plant in the Eastern Slovakia. It wants to build the plant for 600 blue-collar workers and 60 white-collar workers in Velka Ida. It already produces security sensing system for cars in Kechnec, where it has 500 employees. After the investment amounting to EUR 5.5 million, the company should be producing sensors for seat belts and child safety seats.

Source: SARIO

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  1. The new investment and jobs created is good news indeed but the aricle is correct – too few to make a dent in the rising unemployment figures. Meanwhile the employers and trade unions are declaring “Told you so” and forecasting even worse news over the next year. BnM, as ever the only optimist, responded with the somewhat contradictory statement ” We will fight to save each working place”, I am sure the 1 in 5 now unemployed in three regions of the country will be asking “What fight? When?” With most analysts predicting further rises in job loses and citing current government policies as the driving factor we can only hope BnM makes good on his claim ” combating unemployment is the biggest challenge to the current government” and resigns.

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