Hungarian embassies to issue Slovak visas

Slovakia has signed a special agreement with Hungary that will mean Hungarian embassies in three undisclosed countries will be empowered to issue Slovak visas. The news was announced yesterday by foreign affairs minister Mikulas Dzurinda.

Speaking to parliament, Dzurinda informed that the countries were representing each other and that this kind of co-operation was necessary. “These are hard times and countries are trying to save money and look for new ways of co-operating”, he said.

Dzurinda also noted that other embassies are acting on behalf of the Slovak Republic and that the Visegrad Four (Slovakia, Czech R. Poland and Hungary) even had a communal embassy in Cape Town.

Dzurinda also pointed out that it would be a good idea if Slovak trade consulates abroad were to fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This has been an issue for since the elections, but the Ministry of Economy (which is responsible for these offices abroad) was against the motion.

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