Hungarian Extremists Campaigning for Votes in Slovakia

The extremist Hungarian national party Jobbik is promoting its candidate for the Hungarian general elections across the border in the town of Dunajska Streda in Slovakia, as a revised law in Hungary lets Hungarian ethnics living abroad cast a vote.

Peter Paller will be running for the Jobbik extremists, but the public campaign on Tuesday in Slovakia has stirred up tensions and met with condemnation.

Residents of Dunajska Streda even rallied to make a protest, while the mixed Hungarian-Slovak party Most-Hid in Slovakia made its opposition to the move known. The party’s elected deputy town mayor Marián Ravasz lamented also how a public building had been used to host their public address.


  1. Oh Uncle Georgie. I am glad I don’t live in your one passport only kingdom. I want 3 passports!
    We are all mixed mutts and why not give yourself options?
    Healthcare in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada etc already offer “free” healthcare so I doubt someone would take citizenship just to come to Slovakia for a new heart.
    Where is the love, Georgie?

    1. Where is their Love Door Mat ….? On a tennis court, old fruit .

      Not about being Mixed Nuts, it is about equality of all …why should you have the advantage of three passports, when some else can only one ?….Should birthplace, parents, grandparents or marriage or the fact if any of the former , bunked off out the then host and residential country claiming asylum and they were `in danger from by Socialist masters, make any difference to how later siblings are treated as different . Choose you country you live and learn to live by their tax, heath and any other rules …

  2. I prefer Orban Viktor. He has made great strides in allowing simplified naturalization unlike Bobsy that struck that down by not allowing dual citizenship the same day. I think Bobsy could learn a lot from PM Orban. Not very nice of Slovakia to be so rough with Hungarians. Complex? Dunno…

    1. Dope Door Mat, NO ONE should be able to hold TWO passports …you are either a citizen of one country or another …otherwise you get as we do now, all those US Slowvak dual passes, coming back to SVK for cheap medical care and major operations as the US heathcare system is sooooooo expensive ….all paid for by other people living and paying taxes in the country ……..

      Oh there is a surprise, a Slowvak wanting something for nuffin ??

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