Hungary and Slovakia Reach Agreement to Fund Slovak House

Hungary’s justice and Public Administration Ministry state secretary deputy Csaba Latorcai along with the head of the Countrywide Slovak Self-government in Hungary Jan Fuzik have signed a treaty with the chairman of the Slovaks Living Abroad (USZZ) Igor Furdik stipulating the future funding of Slovak house in the Hungarian village of Mlynky (Called Pilisszentkereszt in Hungarian).

Hungary has pledged to give €442,338 (126 million forints) while Slovakia will give provide €491,939.

The weakening of the Hungarian forint against the euro had caused a dispute at the time of signing. Opponents of the treaty pointed out that the reduced value of the forint would mean Hungary would be giving €50,000 less than Slovakia.

To compensate for this there is a new clause in the treaty that states Hungary will provide an additional €14,000 per year to the Slovak House for an additional three years.

The treaty came about because in 2008 Slovaks in the community had to leave their former community centre to make way for new municipal office space.


  1. Where is the American House??? I want my cut of the money!

  2. It must be a grand pile for just short of a million!

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