Hungary Disgusted At Slovakia Revoking Citizenship

The Hungarian government is disgusted by the fact that a businessman from the south Slovak border town of Komarno has lost his Slovak citizenship because he assumed Hungarian citizenship, reports TASR newswire.

Hungarian passport: cause for friction

The businessman and civil activist Olivér Boldoghy lost his citizenship despite expressing his desire to remain a Slovak citizen. The Hungarian government has stated that it would provide its “fellow citizen” with all possible legal assistance, while condemning the Slovak Republic for its actions.

The Slovak Ministry of Interior has already informed Mr. Boldoghy that his relation with Slovakia has been terminated and that he would have all his documents confiscated and possibly be deported from the country. According to the Slovak Constitution, though, citizenship cannot be taken away without good reason from someone who does not want to surrender it.

The Slovak Citizenship Act, amended to combat Hungary granting citizenship freely to Slovaks, was adopted last year shortly after Hungary announced its plans to grant citizenship to ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries. The law in force in Slovakia clearly states that anyone accepting the citizenship of another country will be stripped of their Slovak citizenship

Respective laws on both side of the border have been sharply criticised and also caused political disagreement in Slovakia. Debate on the Citizenship Act is still ongoing, while the applicable law has caused trouble for Slovaks all around the world, even though it was essentially targeted at, and created because of, Hungary.

The Ministry of Interior is refusing to comment on any specific case of people being stripped of their citizenship. The ethnic Hungarian coalition party SMK in Slovakia has offered its help to Boldoghy if he wants to fight for his rights in court. Head of the SMK party Jozsef Berenyi himself has allegedly assumed dual citizenship with Hungary, but is refusing to give up his Slovak one. Berenyi called the latest action yet another show of the arrogance of power.

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  1. Look , firstly you cannot have a passport to two countries as it will confuse the Slovak border police, who are already confused and stupid enough . Second , all these Slovak woman marry English, Irish, American or Scandi guys , because they want a real passport not a mickey mouse one . Finally, Slovakia is not a real democratic country, because if you live there long enough you find out it is just a Banana Republic run by thieves, crooks and corrupt officials, ….QED , just read the news in The Daily .

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