Hunger Strikers Plan to Block Parliament over Immunity

Robert Mihaly, the figurehead behind the civil association UM!, is now on his fourth day of a hunger strike in front of the Slovak parliament in protest to the fact that MPs still enjoy almost complete immunity.

Slovak parliament (c) The Daily

Mihaly informed that only 3 MPs had stopped by to speak with him during the first three days of his hunger strike. He hopes to be able to hold out for a few more days.

Mihaly and the UM! activists feel strongly that although the Slovak public has expressed its opinion that MP immunity should be cancelled, nothing has been done about it for years. They held a protest outside parliament on Friday before starting their hunger strike.

Earlier last week they flooded MPs email accounts with thousands of emails demanding that they give up the luxury of immunity.

Today  at 4.15 pm they will have a public discussion forum in front of parliament, to which the association has invited all political parties and MPs. The activists are demanding that MPs provide them with a written commitment of their support to reduce immunity by tomorrow.

The activists say that if this demand is not met, they will block the parliamentary building. This was done just 10 days ago also by a group of masked protesters who chained up the doors to parliament.

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