Hunters Lose Licence To Kill Dogs and Cats

Caucasian shepherd dog (c) Pleple2000

A triumph for animal rights activists in Slovakia yesterday after parliament passed an amendment to legislation that now stops hunters from being allowed to shoot at cats and dogs wandering in hunting grounds.

The previous law entitled registered hunters to shoot at will in hunting zones at any cat or dog that was more than 50m from their owner, and so thousands of domestic pets have been slain in the past as a result (around 7,000 dogs and 9,000 cats in 2009). The legislation was proposed last year by the Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party.

A recent case also saw a precedent in criminal law as a woman was sent to prison on charges of animal cruelty for her treatment of her dog. This was the first case of its kind in Slovakia.


  1. Dave , You have to realise that Losgar`s shit does not smell ….he is Slovak >

  2. Thank you for explaining everything Dave! I understand everything.

    One last comment: Maybe next time Geneva insitute should also count all the forks and kitchen knives. You know some people make wooden forks souvenirs. There must be millions and millions of them on the black market 😀

  3. Losgar, you asked what my experience of hunting in Slovakia was and I told you and as I said, this was one group of 12 individuals and I made it clear that I do not tar everone with the same brush.
    I was touched by the little ceremony they performed over the dead boars, placing greenery around the carcasses and offering thanks. I will, as I do every weekend during the winter, go and put food out for the creatures of the forest with my Slovak hunter friends. Real hunters are the custodians of the forest. An interesting point here – I have just got off the phone with my good friend who has been hunting for over 30 years. In that time he has shot 3 dogs, one was rabid and the other two were attacking sheep at a small farm, otherwise he shoots only what he can eat.
    The illegal firearms – an article published by SITA shortly after the Bratislava shootings stated that the authorities have no clear idea of the number of illegal arms in Slovakia, registered weapons totalled just under 200,000, however, if you choose to read a report entitled Small Arms Survey, produced by the Institute of International Studies, Geneva and published by Oxford University Press, ISBN -0-19-925175-4 you will see that the estimated number of guns held by civilians in Slovakia is 450,000, 170,357 are held legally – 115,399 rifles and 54,958 hand guns and those figures are supported by data provided by the Slovak Government. if you want a real shock look at the figures for Germany!
    As for the attack on a child – Again I made it clear that I fully support the shooting of dangerous dogs but I would point out that here were I live we have had no reported attacks by dogs in the forest, we have, however, had a number of members of the public hit by mountain bikes and quad bikes. Everyone who uses the forest has a duty to respect the rights of other users.

  4. OK, Dave, looks like you know SVK better then me. I grew up in Skalica town. No shooting. One of my friends – a hunter is sorry to shoot even a doe. Citing him: “They are sooo pretty”.
    250.000 illegally held firearms? It means that every 20th Slovak /included babies/ has one illegal gun. Then it’s definitely worse then anywhere else in the world.
    Now we can wait to the next Christmas with another news: “A child attacked in a public forest by a dog”. What will you say then?
    The law should be reasonable and people should be always first.

  5. Firstly, Losgar, Yes I have attended a boar hunr in this country and nearly all the participants were drinking spirits before, during and after the hunt. Now I will accept this was only one hunting party of about a dozen people but it would appear that having a good belt of the local hootch is a long standing tradition.
    Not many people have firearm licences in SVK – Hello! A report published last year after the killings in Bratislava estimated that ther were over 250,000 illegally held firearms in Slovakia, many of them military weapons. My own neighbour has recently returned from prison after being found with three illegal weapons. Oh yes, the small incident where an anti-tank weapon was fired at a car, grenade attacks, two assault rifles and Scorpion machine pistol found in a burning car, shall I continue.
    And no I am not being cynical, I just do not understand what sport anyone can find in shooting someones pet.
    Hunters shoot dogs becuase dogs don’t belong in the forest – Public Forests are for the recreational use of the public not just hunters, I have walked in quite a few over the years and never seen any signs suggesting that dogs are not permitted so asume your statement is your own personal opinion. Two cases that made the evening news just before Christmas involved pet dogs being shot in the owners garden or on the owners land. So it would appear that groups of armed people can just trespass and ice your beloved Fido.
    I will always support the shooting of dogs that are attacking livestock or are a danger to people but smoking 5,000 and 9,000 cats? – come on now, thats not hunting, its not protecting livestock its just wanten killing for killings sake.
    Yes Slovakia is not the USA, thank god but the danger signs are their, have you noticed the police now have to carry assault rifles to protect themselves and the public.
    Drunk Slovaks shooting peoples pets – I was trying to suggest why few tourists come to Slovakia despite all it has to offer. Namely, German, French or UK visitors are not going to come and visit if they believe their family pet is fair game to “sportsmen”.
    I commend your defence of your fellow countrymen but you should understand that when I make a comment such as ” drunk Slovaks” I am not tarring you all with the same brush.

  6. Drunk Slovaks Dave? Why would you say that? Do you shoot when you are drunk, or do you know anybody who shoots when he is drunk or have you heard about anybody who shoots when he is drunk?

    Without trying to be cynical: SVK is not the USA – there are not many people who have Firearms licence. If you live in SVK you should know that.

    Hunters shoot dogs because dogs don’t belong in the forest. But again I agree with the new law imagining that it could be my dog.

    This made me laugh: “Drunk Slovaks shooting people’s pets” 😀 If you shoot pets you are a drunk Slovak but if it’s your pet which got shot you are people 😀 Or did you mean that Slovaks travel to shoot animals in other countries? 😀

  7. And I should hope so too!
    Drunk Slovaks wasting peoples pets, as a right, was an outrage.
    Slovakia wants tourists – this is a move in the right direction – No one would bring their beloved Fido to Slovakia on the off chance that some idiot with a serious mental problem would “smoke” the family pet.
    Designated hunting area – how are these marked on tourist maps?
    BTW – Shooting internationally recognised endanged species is a crime in the EU. I suggest someone gets this law enforced or kiss goodbye to EU handouts in the future.

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