Identities of Two Cannibal Victims Confirmed

The police have now confirmed the identity of the two apparent cannibal victims based on DNA tests, with initial suspicions being confirmed.

Alleged cannibal Matej Curko - photo credit: Strelecký klub Podhradová

The two bodies, which were discovered in a shared shallow grave on 17 May thanks to GPS co-ordinates on the PC of alleged cannibal Matej Curko, have now been identified as those of Lucia Uchnarova from Snina and Elena Gudjakova from Oravske Vesele. The police confirmed the identities for SITA newswire yesterday afternoon.

According to alleged electronic communication between Curko and his two victims broadcast on TV JoJ, the two young women went into the ‘murder and cannibalism’ transaction knowingly and willingly. Both women had been missing since last year, but there might be more victims because based on his alleged correspondence with Lucia Uchnarova, Curko spoke in plural about his voluntary victims.

The Slovak cannibal, as Matej Curko is being referred to, was uncovered after being tricked into meeting a police agent in the village of Kysak as he had previously agreed to kill, cut up and eat a Swiss man who had volunteered himself as dinner. The Swiss man contacted the police, though, but the police operation went wrong as the police tried to arrest Curko.

Curko allegedly pulled out a gun and was then immediately shot five times by police marksmen, but not before he managed to shoot the police agent, who is still in a serious, but improving, condition in hospital. Curko died of his bullet wounds in hospital a few days later on 12 May, taking his full gory story to the grave with him.

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  1. bullshit. only proof about his cannibalism is supposed to be his communication with police agent ans larger amount of spices found on him. The spice could be normally used to hide the body smell from wild animals so it should prevent these wild animals to dig out the body. Conversation with police agent was never published so it is impossible to judge who started this topic. But for me personally I would never trust slovak police and slovak investigators. They probably watch too many hollywood movies and usually they don’t even know what is internet. This is just for illustration of their knowledge.

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