If oil supply is cut, we have enough for 93 days

On Wednesday 24 November, the government endorsed the document on oil supplies submitted by the Ministry of Economy, after which economy minister Juraj Miskov confirmed that Slovakia has sufficient oil reserves to last 93 days.

He made the statement to dispel fears that there could be an outage in oil supplies from Russia this winter, which were generated because Czech internet site novinky.cz had relayed information from Russia that supplies to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic might be threatened.

Miskov also pointed out that the government plans to diversify sources in oil supplies just like it did with natural gas, so that it is prepared for any eventuality and can switch to reverse flow. The first task in this respect is to extend the crude oil conduit to Schwechat in Austria.

Miskov informed journalists that the government had no official information about a potential problem with oil supplies to Central Europe in the winter.

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