Igor Matovic ready to take to the streets

Independent MP Igor Matovic, who was recently thrown out of the SaS party caucus for voting with the opposition, has never hidden his intention of possibly setting up his own political party.

Matovic got into parliament with three others as part of the Obycajni Ludia (Ordinary People) movement, which rode into parliament on the back of the SaS party. After being thrown out of the SaS party, Matovic is now in a good position to set up his own party, and he himself recently said that he would do it before the next elections.

At a press conference yesterday, Matovic announced that he would start collecting the 10,000 signatures required to form a new party starting this summer. He wants to go into the streets himself to collect the signatures, which is why he is waiting on the warm weather before he starts, as it is “difficult to write with cold hands” he said.

Matovic wants parliament to change the law to allow independents to get into parliament, but he doesn’t see this as likely as it would weaken the position of the big parties. He also wants political parties to publish the names of their political nominees in state companies and will lobby for the number of these nominations to be reduced in future.

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