Igor Matovic set to launch his new party

TASR newswire reports that the controversial independent MP, Igor Matovic, will start his campaign to collect the 10,000 signatures needed to set up a new political party.

Igor Matovic moves forward with his plan

Matovic, who got into parliament with three other members of his Ordinary People (OL) faction on the back of the liberal SaS party, said that the four MPs were hoping to collect the signatures personally by taking to the streets. He said that thanks to the warmer weather, the streets would be full of pretty women and so it was a good time to start.

Matovic was ejected from the SaS party after voting against the government’s draft dual citizenship bill, and so he remained in parliament as an independent MP. He spoke earlier about trying to set up a party of independents who would not have to be obedient to the wishes of a particular party, but would act on their own conscience. It remains to be seen if he will apply this concept to the new party, the name of which he would not reveal.

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