Industrial parks to be deprived of financing

Industrial park in Vranov nad Toplou lies bare

Not all the projects in the wave of industrial parks that popped up all over Slovakia will receive the advantageous c0-financing promised to them, SITA newswire reports.

Some of those that were promised state assistance under the former government might have to manage the investment by themselves, as economy minister Juraj Miskov is not so convinced they will receive the support now due to a lack of finances.

Those affected include Topolcany industrial zone, the industrial zone in Chotin near Komarno, and the industrial parks in Svidnik and Kralovsky Chlmec.
The Ministry of Economy has already drawn up a motion to abolish the assistance, which is now undergoing interdepartmental review. Head of investment and trade development agency, Robert Simoncic, noted that the investors should be sought first and only then should an industrial zone project drawn up, instead of the other way round, like it is now.
Some industrial zones in the country are still vacant and seeking tenants and investors.

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