Inter Milan Take Kucka; Vittek, Sapora & Cech Head to Trabzonspor

In the club transfer window that closed on Wednesday, several Slovaks have made the move to new clubs, including Juraj Kucka, Robert Vittek, Marek Sapora and Marek Cech.

Kucka was snapped up by Inter Milan, signing a contract until June 2016, but he will continue to play on loan for his current team FC Genoa until January next year. Inter reportedly paid EUR 16 million for him, the highest ever sum for a Slovak player. Before joining Genoa last winter, Kucka played for Sparta Prague.

Wold cup hero Robert Vittek has been signed along with his national team colleague Marek Sapara by Turkish side Trabzonspor, joining their countryman Marek Cech, who also made the move a few days ago. The club paid around EUR 3.5 million for Vittek as part of a two-year contract, while Cech and Sapara have signed up for three years.

Despite speculations, no move was made by Slovak national team captain Marek Hamsik, who will remain with Napoli.

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