Interactive African Exhibition at SNG Bratislava

Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava (c) Martin Proehl

Venue: Slovak National Museum (Main Building)
Date: Until 30 November 

Voyage Across Africa – Interactive Exhibition

Set off for a voyage across Africa and find out how African children live and study. Travel through a huge continent, take a look into tents of Maasai, Tuareg and Dogon people and discover their peculiarities. Try African drums and get to know traditional dances, rituals, masks and clothes. Try to weave a basket and carry a bucket of water on your head!

Multifarious African Nature – Interactive Exhibition

Get a taste of multifarious African nature. Take a walk through the desert and find out what animals and unusual plants live there. How does it feel to touch them? Watch the world through their eyes. Feel free to lodge yourself with savanna tribesmen, discover their life and food. Those who are brave enough can drive a jeep and go on expedition through primeval forest!

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