International ‘La Fiesta’ Fancy Dress Party

Would you like to explore international culture while having fun and meeting people from all over the world? Of course you would! If you’ve struggled to find fun and accessible events in Bratislava in the past, be prepared to be surprised!

The ‘Internationals Bratislava’ is a new international group formed by Croatian Marija Hrvatic and  Latinos Network Europe  which aims to help expats and Slovaks to meet new people and immerse themselves in different cultures, whilst having fun! At our fancy dress themed events you can meet people from up to 40 countries and get a unique perspective of world culture.

Our ‘La Fiesta’ party is at All Stars Café (Sedlarska 5) on the 16th of February 2013. We’ll be giving attendees the opportunity to transform into superman, snow-white, batman or whatever springs to mind! The dress code is not mandatory, but we do encourage any personal touches to outfits, whether it be vintage, catwalk chic or an original national costume from your country! You can also dress up in All Stars if you do not feel comfortable walking in costumes through the city. Feel free to invite your friends.

Entry fee: 5 Eur one drink included. For more info:

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