Introducing the Slovak Lacrosse Team and League

An original Native American sport that has been recently introduced into the Slovakian boarders is growing, but not fast enough.  As with many new sports that have been introduced into the Slovakian sports community, some have had better results while others continue to lack the support.  Lacrosse was introduced in 2002 by a Slovakian that had traveled and studied Native American Culture in the US and Canada. Upon his return, with hopes of developing the sport in Slovakia, the SLL was born.

Lacrosse, growing in popularity (c) Caroline Culler

The introduction of the sport gained small support from a few sponsoring companies, but has yet to be accepted as an interest for the masses.  With three existing teams in Slovakia and the National Team (from a pool of these teams), there is a need for growth and introduction at younger levels to feed these programs.  The teams are mostly self-supporting and funding, with equipment, fields, and transportation all paid by the individual players.  The teams are of varied ages, skills, and participation, but all want to grow and build on what they have.  This can only be done when the realization of the sport and the local support, will accept the Lacrosse Community, as it does with Hockey, Football and other established sporting programs.

With the European Lacrosse Championship only one week away, the Slovakian team is ready to represent Slovakia on a National level, without the National support they wished for.  Amsterdam 2012 may go unnoticed by most Slovakians, but those involved with the sport will certainly take notice from North America and across the globe.  Held every 2 years, the European championship has grown to have a full competition of now 17 international teams and hundreds of players from all countries across the globe.  This will be the largest European event for the sport to date.  To get more information on the Championship and check on the results visit for all the latest updates during the event.

Please support the National team in their hopes to place amongst the top in the league.

If you would like to support, join, or sponsor the sport in any way please visit the SLL website for all contact information.

For info on the sport:


IAGDTPL = “It’s a great day to play Lacrosse”

By Daniel Logan


  1. You guys are all missing the point…The kids /adults are out there, doing exercise versus sitting on their a**es at home playing video games or drinking at the local bar…So if they wanna play Lacrosse, let them…if they want to play baseball, football or hockey…let them…it teaches them team work for one..who cares what country came up with it first…

    My only problem with it is that I bet they only have this opportunity in the Western part of the country, and not the Eastern…there’s just so much unequality (due to greediness mostly) that pretty soon they will have an East SK (poor) and the West SK (well off)…That’s where to true problem is, not with the games kids/adults are playing…the real question is WHICH and WHOSE kids are the only ones able to play and given the opportunity…

    Good luck to them!

  2. How eveyone gets off the topic, thanks to George!

    The Lacrosse team here in Slovakia is a proud and talented bunch of players. They all give there 100%+ and would benifit from more players and more challenge.

    I wish them all the best of luck this coming week. It will be a hard uphill battle, one they have been training for as all teams in the European Championship.

    Good Luck and play hard!

  3. Field Lacrosse is not American (US) in origin, it is an ancient game that has been played by the Native North Americans since well before the first “white man” arrived. The modern game was codified by the Canadians and is the official summer sport of that Dominion. It is very popular in North America, particularly at college level. The only “Americanisation” of the sport was the development of Box Lacrosse, a commercial venture to adapt the game for playing in ice hockey stadiums in the off season. Field lacrosse was an Olympic event until 1908, it has a growing, global following.
    I wish the all the Slovak sides well in their endeavours and good luck in Amsterdam.

  4. Well according to my Slovak father in law, Czech o Slovakia invented the game we now know as Ice Hockey . Mind you, according to him, Czsvk also first invented the TV and the radio and penned, first sang and recorded a number of classic pop and rock songs, made more famous by Elvis Presley . The King stole them ironic eh?

    I suppose thats what a total Socialist education does for you .

    1. And what does your wife think? Is she alright?

      You are so stupid. You wanted to mock the SVKs and you mocked your family.

      1. What education is this?:

        They are bad people and they wear big hats. Czuvakians. Well done, good job…I love you dad…
        Just sweet!!

        1. Oh my wife loves him to death, but as the rest of the family, thinks he can be a total cretin .

          This is the same father in law that during the summer months, brings from the mega locked garage and each day , the Shining Silver Merc car, that no other member of the family is permitted to sit in let alone drive and that has has done 5000 klms in two years…. and he just parks in on the driveway in front of the house ….so neighbour`s can see what HE drives.

          BTW . the man next door does the same with his BMW .

          Mock ? I just pee myself with laughter .

      2. Mock the SVKs! Who would do such a thing?
        No point really – the nightly news does a much better job.
        Lets see – Ah yes! the outdoor swimming pool built near Trencin, completed sometime ago but never used, covered in weeds – why? No electricity, no gas, no water supply and no drains so they can’t even empty the stagnant green pea soup or the dead rats out of the pool.
        Last week – village uses EU money for new drains and water supply – but nobody wants to be connected to it because it would cost money!
        Last week – man attempts to rob bank that wasn’t open
        Last night – Police stop a car, suspicious because all the windows are steamed up, out step 4 men and over a dozen stolen sheep!
        Local news – man buys some long steel pipes, too long to fit in his car and he has no roof-rack. His solution – tie the pipes together and hang them UNDER the car from the front and rear bumpers. No warning signs on the two metres protruding in front and to the rear. No problem….. until he had to turn a corner – Doh!
        I could continue.
        Monty Python couldn’t dream up stories like these.

        1. Where does the American who handcuffed himself to a post before throwing the keys just out of reach fit in?

          Or the Hearts fan who decided to ‘spruce up’ his Scottish Cup final ticket by ironing it?

          Don’t think these actions were deemed extraordinary stuff to make the news in the respective countries.

          I’m happy to do mockery but a bit of perspective’s only fair.

          1. James, you seem to have fallen in to the `yes, but look at your own back yard` syndrome ( sadly the accent Slovaks say this in English is not available on here ) QED. This is a Slovak muse website, about Slovaks or expats etc living here, or so I thought ? What is the point on reporting on the rest of the worlds news, when you have an entire sad, mad nation to report on and mock and in total perspective .

            I just wonder if you are going native after all the fence sitting and perhaps your bum is really starting to hurt ?

  5. Beaten? ……… how who and whom pray tell ?

  6. Can’t help myself, but George /as many many times before/ is completely beaten up in this discussion :DD

  7. I guess John knows the reason why he has felt the need to censor, several of my polite reply on this thread of the forum ? However , this place is hardly a level playing field, where one group of uncensored friends of his, can hurl unfounded and nasty insults at me, but I am not allowed the same freedom to do the same . So much for the site rules etc ….this forum gets more like Slovakia everyday all made up rules to suit .

    I am sorry, I cannot jump for joy at a sport that has perhaps 50 followers, then claims it is growing in size, in a country that you would not even know the Olympic Games 2012 are taking place in a month ???

    1. No comment to senseless gibberish.

      1. You are on the blacklist of your own accord. unfortunately, you have to wait on approval because of that.

        1. Sorry I thought it was a moderation list ? Not sure it is of my own accord, as the playing field is quite obviously not level here ….

          1. It was never level. You were always far more abusive than everyone.

  8. I thought Japan loved baseball, and basketball was doing ok around the world :). I wonder if there is a Slovak native sport? Any proud Slovak could please step up and provide us with a bit of cultural enlightment?

    1. Sport, native to Slovakia etc ….charging an expat three or four times the price, for the same job or a taxi ride, you would charge a Slovak .

      1. Yeah, would never happen in London or England. Must be a national characteristic.

        1. Never really did get over Scotland not qualifying for, or winning anything of note in real sport for twenty have we JB ….???

          Perhaps you could article promo tiddly winks next for Slovakia as an ever growing sport with skill, self-supporting and funding, with equipment, tables and transportation all paid by the individual players?

          What about the Sport kite flying next , plenty of wind on here …..or the popular Slovak Sport of driving home whilst blotto, without actually hitting the only tree in the road ???

  9. ‘boxing day hunting league’ Don’t put daft ideas like that into anyone’s head. There’s enough irrationality on these boards as it is.

    I had an American colleague (female) a couple of years back who’d played college-level lacrosse. I liked what I heard about it, sounded a tough skillful game requiring a lot of dedication.

    Dedication’s the key word all round. These sports (I guess we’d all admit that American football and lacrosse are far from their ‘natural’ homes here) wouldn’t get any sort of foothold without people prepared to put a lot of love and hard work into them. Sustaining the interest is the next challenge. But I say all the best.

  10. Last weekend the Bratislava Monarchs (American football) played the Budapest Cowboys in front of a few hundred spectators here in BA. Last year I went to the Austrian American football championships and the American football world cup in Vienna. Both games had several thousand fans. The numbers don’t lie, imported sports can do well in this part of the world. I don’t know anything about lacrosse but I’m excited to see it here. George is a good man, he just drinks too much Hater-aid. Ever think about starting a dart league or boxing day hunting league to offset the Americanization of athletics in Slovakia?

  11. Why in Slovakia ? Are those that are just ball gamed challenged in other sports, attracted by this game, because no one with real talent plays it ? They are all playing Tennis, Football etc ..kinda gives the less able a chance ? I quite welcome the full limb, less able and somehow handicapped given a chance in sport to bring pleasure to the crowds. Rather like Mr Smug on this forum .

    Anyhow`s, thank God the Euro Cup of this quite mad US driven affair will be held in Amsterdam 2012 and not in Slovakia . When has any event here ever run without some Organiser finger`s in the pie problem, or major stealing of funds – corruption ?

  12. First, the Europeans are held every 4 years, not 2. Second, there’s an excellent opportunity for lacrosse in Slovakia to do well on the international stage. As a game still gaining traction in many parts of the world but on track to become an Olympic event, a small amount of support now could really go far.

    And at the very least, participation in any sport is a choice for a healthier and more productive nation. More sports provides more choices for our future generations.

  13. George has only ever played with himself so it’s really not cricket to expect him to understand the concept of international sport.

  14. Expat ………………………………………………………..?????

  15. George,

    How typical of you, to always have such a strong opinion that no one cares about. Suppose you have no real concept of International Sporting! It isn’t Americanization…. it is Lacrosse, and brought here by a Slovak, not an American trying to push something on the Slovaks. Hockey wasn’t started here, Football wasn’t created here, so all imported sports! Your comment about the three teams and all getting medals is just showing your true unsportsman-like conduct and the fact that you didn’t get the fact that 17+ teams will be participating in the European Chamiponship, and yes, even England has a team going, and are favored to win!! I am glad you won’t be supporting Lacrosse, who would wish to ever to hear you complaining about every aspect of the game??

  16. Well thank God the Euro Cup of this quite sad, mad US driven affair will be held in Amsterdam 2012 and not in Slovakia . When has an event here ever run without some Organiser finger`s in the pie problem, or major stealing of funds – corruption ?

  17. I will be rooting you all on! Show those other teams what you have been working so hard to accomplish!
    Do Toho Slovensko!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  18. American `invented` sports do not normally export well ..just look at baseball and American Football ? The US have a World Series or SuperDuck with just them in it …

    To be honest I am getting a bit fedup of the Amricanisation of other countries including my own . I would plain ban Lacrosse , but of course we cannot .

    Still I guess with just three teams playing Lacrosse here, each will get either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal, which I guess will keep the Slovaks happy .

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