Investor optimism still healthy in Slovakia

Foreign investors in Slovakia are leaving the crisis behind. According to a poll conducted by foreign chambers of commerce in Slovakia among 166 European companies, respondents expect better business.

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Almost two thirds of polled companies expect the economic situation is Slovakia to improve already this year and the same is true of their expectations for their own company.

About 40% of companies want to invest more into their operations and increase their workforces, and about 60% of foreign investors plan to increase salary expenditures in their companies.

The polled investors answered that Slovakia is characterised mainly by its membership in the EU, its labour force willing to work at relatively low cost and a calculated tax system.

In comparison with other CEE countries, the Slovak Republic is the most attractive investment location, just as in previous years. A clear majority of foreign companies (83%) would bring their investment to Slovakia again. Source: SARIO

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