Bratislava Through the Eyes of Irish Artist McNulty

The Daily always tries to keep you abreast of foreign artists who have accepted Bratislava as their muse, so we would like to invite you to pop along to Kafe Scherz in Bratislava for a visual explosion with the vibrant works of Irish artist Gary McNulty.

The Orchard

Gary is a young Irish artist from Northern Ireland, who is characterised by the colorfulness of his paintings and the power and swiftness of his brush. His paintings reflect it all: constantly trying to capture the vivid and explosive energy of life itself.

Gary uses an extensive range of colours to create this idea of landscape while utilizing very quick and powerful brush strokes. The artist is not afraid of the colour and revels in using as much bright colours as possible. In his paintings the traces are both soft and severe; Gary’s neo-impressionist landscapes can often be referred to as translucent prisms that refract light into a bright and explosive array of colours.

A new perspective of Karlova Ves in Bratislava

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