Iron Maiden to Rock Žilina, Ignoring ‘Holy’ Protests

It looks like Iron Maiden is destined to evoke protests when rocking Slovakia. The last concert of the heavy metal legend Iron Maiden at Piestany airport as part of the Topfest musical festival evoked protests of the religious group of Saint Joseph and this time the religious order of Basil the Great is calling for the cancellation of the Iron Maiden concert in Žilina. The religious group of Basil the Great even wrote a letter to Slovak culture minister Marek Maďarič calling for the concert to be abolished as it demoralizes youth and destroys all moral and Christian values.

The fact is that Iron Maiden is getting ready to play in Žilina as part of it’s the Book of Souls World Tour 2016 after rocking places like Las Vegas, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Tokyo, Chicago, Shanghai, Sydney, Berlin or Moscow.

Fans worldwide appreciate the sound of Iron Maiden at concerts as six metal professionals are set to play not only pieces from their latest album ‘The Book of Souls’, but also hits from the past like ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘The Trooper’, ‘ Run to the Hills’, ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ and others.

Iron Maiden is truly a legend of heavy metal after rocking the scene for more than 4 decades. The band’s discography embraces thirty eight titles, including sixteen studio albums, eleven live albums and seven compilations with more than 90 million albums sold worldwide.

On tour, Iron Maiden flies its own 747 Jumbo Jet with Bruce Dickinson, the band’s lead singer as a pilot. The band plays as a sextet with the primary song writer Steve Harris on bass guitar, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers playing rhythm guitars, Dave Murray on lead guitar and Nicko McBrain on drums.

The melodic metal riffs are the cornerstone of Iron Maiden’s music. The swift tempo of most of the songs and the endless virtues of melodies really require 3 power guitarists. The rhythm section of drums and bass guitar is providing a solid basis for the medic build-up.

If you think of Satanism and anti-Christian topics are the basis for lyrics of Iron Maiden’s songs, little do you know about what’s really going on. The Celtic myths and ancient history of mankind is often the topic of the song. Just listen to the power ballad “Alexander the Great” to get the feel.

The long history of the band and the melodic basis of the music that Iron Maiden plays sets the stage for many headbangers to come and see the guys performing live in Žilina on Wednesday July 6th. Iron Maiden is a bunch of nice guys and Bruce Dickinson might send a positive message even to the opposition at the order of Basil the Great.

Headbangers of the world unite!

By Mario Blascak

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