Italian fashion at Palffy Palace

Just fifty years ago, Italy had no fashion industry to speak of. “Made in Italy“ was considered to be cheap and of poor quality. However, this changed in February 1951. And it is Giovanni Battista Giorgini, a Florentine trader, who is credited with giving birth to Italian fashion.

He organised the first fashion show in Florence as he wanted to make Italy the international trendsetter for design. It was held on 25 February 1951 at his home. He invited just eight American fashion merchandisers, who were introduced to the luxurious designs of exclusive local  tailoring workshops such as Simoneta Visconti, Emilio Schubert or Emilo Pucci. And so the phenomenon of Italian fashion was born.

This year, Italian fashion celebrates its fiftieth birthday. Versace, Valantino, Prada and more famous designer pieces can be seen at the exhibition 50 Years of Italian Fashion at Pálffy Palace, including the iconic Versace Green Dress, also known as the “Jungle-Dress”, which was worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards and became famous for its plunging neckline (see picture).

To experience timelessness of Italian fashion is possible until 29 August. So, don’t miss the opportunity!

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