Ivan Miklos Also Takes Back Seat in SDKU Party

Outgoing finance minister Ivan Miklos (c) The Daily

Amidst rumours that he might be contemplating taking up a lucrative offer abroad, outgoing finance minister and deputy chairman of the SDKU party, Ivan Miklos, won’t be running for the leader or deputy party post at the next party congress.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Finance Martin Jaros told SME daily the news today. The SDKU party suffered a massive disappointment in the premature elections at the weekend, getting just under 6.1% of the vote compared to almost 15.5% in the 2010 general election. As a result, party head Mikulas Dzurinda declined to re-run for the post as well, paving the way for incumbent justice minister Lucia Zitnanska to take the party helm.

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  1. So farewell then Mr. Miklos, your steely determination to keep the public finances sound was unshakeable. Oh, except for signing up for the Greek bailout and ESM, obviously. Getting a cushy EU job doesnt come cheap, eh.

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