Ivana B Finally Gets Custody of Children

In the much publicised case of Ivana B who had her two sons taken from her by UK social services, the mother has finally been reunited with her children after the Regional Court in Trnava repealed an earlier ruling rejecting her petition for custody of the children.

Ivana B reunited with her kids

The previous petition was for a preliminary injunction but the court in Dunajska Streda ruled back in February that the mother had not yet proven the living conditions that the children would have. Following an appeal by the grandmother, the court in the UK granted her custody of the boys, who returned to Slovakia with her at the beginning of January.


  1. I wondered when this would hit the press, it was on the TV earlier this week.
    I did note that Grandma did not look too happy – is there more than meets the eye in this matter.
    Still, none of our business what the Slovak courts do or don’t do. The UK authorities did their duty, washed their hands of the matter and said good riddens.

    1. DC. I just wonder how low you can set the bar, when dealing with health and wellbeing of kids ? Slowvakia obviously set it 1cm off the ground .

      1. George – This result was on the books from the start but then again what else could be expected in a country with no standards at all. I think the bar is buried so deep a mole with a tunnelling machine couldn’t get so low.
        I hope Hague the Vague, Cameron and Co take note of this. God knows how much this has cost the UK tax payer. It would be better from now on to deport any foreigner who crosses our laws – straight on the ferry – F. Offski!!! and never allow them back into the country – stuff the EU. Knowing the mentality, Mrs B will think she can just go back to the UK. If she ever does set foot in Albion again she wants a one-way ticket to Dartmoor and the kids taken directly into care with no right of appeal.

  2. Amazing what a dopy Judge and a BJ can get you in Slowvakia .

    I will give it a month and they will be back `in care` . Any takers for the bet ?

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