IWCB celebrates 20 years in Slovakia

The International Women’s Club of Bratislava (IWCB) celebrated their 20th birthday this past Friday evening in style at the beautiful Kempinski River Park Hotel Ballroom, “there was much to be celebrated and proud of” says club President Crystal Marie Pavelcik.

Through the past twenty years there have been over 2500 ladies from many different nations whom have been members of the IWCB, promoting friendship and cultural understanding within the international community, while putting forth huge humanitarian efforts into raising money to help needed charities within our host country of Slovakia.

Since 1991, the IWCB has supported those in need in Slovakia with over EUR 742,000. Today the club comprises over 178 members from 44 countries. On the occasion of the 20th birthday, the member-elected 2011 board gave its approval to grant a large impact donation and award up to EUR 40,000 to a medical institution in Slovakia for the purchase of medical diagnostic and/or treatment equipment. This will be the largest one-time donation that the club has ever given.

Current applications are being reviewed by the leadership of the Club’s Charity coordinator Kerstin Wandel and her dedicated team, and the  donor recipient that is chosen will be announced at the annual IWCB Christmas Bazaar.

The IWCB is a club run by members for its members and the planning of this milestone event was with no exception, arranged with the teamwork of Crystal Marie Pavelcik (President), Darina Szabo (Social Event Coordinator), Lenka Peugniez (PR & Newsletter Coordinator) & Marta Novotna (Advertising Coordinator). All ladies put forth equal efforts in many different ways to make the event enjoyable and memorable for all members past and present.

Alexandra Decker (Vice President) and Mrs. Crystal Marie Pavelcik (President)

The evening started with a warm welcome by the President Crystal Marie Pavelcik and Alexandra Decker (VP), followed by a club briefing from Lenka Peugniez presenting the history of the IWCB with complete facts and figures from the past 20 years.

The facts that were presented brought back so many memories for many of the 80+ guests in attendance, and brought tears of joy as we relived the moments in the club via a background night-long photo presentation provided by Marta Novotna. The event would not have been so much fun without the Oscar-style moderating from Darina Szabo, who arranged a host of entertainers like DJ Koki and Matthew Sax, the Funkadelic brothers, Kremienok Children’s Folk group, African Drum Show from the group Jamadan and the musical talents of  Roc’hann.

Birthday Gifts were donated specifically for the birthday party from ChocoSoul, photography provided by Michal Semanik, and prizes for a proper tombola were from local vendors: Al Faro Ristorante, Carrefour, In-language, Juvena of Switzerland, Max Factor, Peter Varga, Spleen, TIGI and Venue Clicquot Champagne. The celebration was a nice break for all ladies who put forth so much time and effort into the club, past and present, and was a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of such great humanitarian efforts.

Currently the club is preparing for another huge attempt to raise funds for next year’s IWCB distribution, The annual 21st annual Christmas Bazaar will take place on November 20th in Staré Trznica. The bazaar is possible as a joint effort between the IWCB and the City of Bratislava, with Casa Mia and over 40 embassies confirming participation by selling food and items related to their home countries for charitable purposes. All profits from this day will go to the IWCB Charity fund to be distributed to charities in need throughout Slovakia.

The annual Christmas Bazaar has grown into the largest fundraising event within the international community. Last year’s event had over 4000 visitors and earned over EUR 87,000, which is distributed this year to carefully selected charties. For more information about the International Women’s Club, visit the club website at or facebook fan page/IWCB.

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